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Diagnostic Imaging

Onsite Diagnostic Imaging


Digital Diagnostic X-Ray services are available at each of our clinic locations.  X-Rays can reveal problems with bones and related injuries, features of the heart, lungs, and digestive tract.  X-rays are conducted on-site in a safe and comfortable environment by our experienced and knowledgeable Registered Radiologic Technologists. All of our X-Rays are read by a Board Certified Radiologist.


Bone Density Scan

At our Perry County Medical Center clinic location we offer bone density testing (known as DXA or DEXA Scan). Bone density testing is used in the diagnosis and management of bone loss. A bone density test uses low dose X-rays to measure Bone Mass Density or BMD.  A BMD test can measure the density of the bone in different parts of the skeleton and can predict the risk of future fractures.  Our clinic  provides testing in a comfortable and informative environment to ensure you reach your treatment and prevention goals.

If you have any questions about bone loss, ask your Provider if you are at risk and if you need a bone density test.